doLAB is a diverse group of individuals fostering opportunities to inspire, encourage, support, and challenge one another and members of the community around them, through creativity and design.

We aim to provide a place for students, professionals, and citizens to connect, communicate, and collaborate on initiatives for the greater good of society through a variety of design-based projects, programs, and outreach activities.

doLAB is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.



Encourage innovative design thinking, ideas, and outcomes


Support multi-disciplinary partnerships to develop new perspectives


Challenge heuristic biases in thinking and creative processes


Collaborate with disciplines, organizations, and industry not ordinarily associated with design


To develop new initiatives

Communicate the catalytic power of design for the greater good



Black Belt Bamboost

community-based project designed to raise awareness about bamboo in Alabama

le art de la mode

art & fashion collaborative desin challenge

The Carrie Project

accelerated design experience

Email: dolabalabama@gmail.com

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